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  • Best WHMIS training Iíve ever had! Loved the practical questions where we had to look up on the actual SDS sheet and answer questions. We only are as good at understanding the course as weíve had with practicing it! Great course and enjoyable too!

    - J. Campbell
  • The overall experience of the course was very good, it is set up in a way that makes it easy for the user to retain all the information on the slides. The fact that there was a person reading it to you was also good especially if youíre an audio learner.

    - A. Boraso
  • The information was thorough and clearly presented. Having the ability to pause the slides gave me the opportunity to really understand what was being presented so that I truly understood before moving on to the next section.

    - V. Ritchie

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I would recommend this WHMIS training not only to students, but to any new workers going on the workforce!

- J. Welsh

Overall, I think that as a student this WHMIS training was amazing and I would 100% recommend other people to take it!

- K. Dhindsa

Great photo quality and lighting, overall the best online course I have taken.

- T. Jakubowski

Well organized and informative training.

- V. Farrugia

Interface is intuitive and user friendly.

- K. Torres

Material well laid out and presented in clear concise manner which aided in ability to recall information for questions.

- W. Nelson

I really enjoyed this course, itís well thought out and filled with loads of helpful & useful information.

- S. Black

I have took WHMIS many times and this by far was the most interesting one. I did not feel sleepy during it. Thanks.

- D. Petersen

I loved this. Itís easy to understand and very helpful. The voice that talks along is great.

- C. Cotter

I enjoyed the course for personal and work awareness. I most certainly learned valuable information and will use it for home and work safety. Thank you!

- M. High

This was by far the best WHMIS training aid I have seen.

- G. Clement

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