Here's what some of our customers have to say:

"As the owner of a medium sized heating and air conditioning contracting business, I found YOW's solution to dangerous goods training excellent. This was absolutely the best solution for us. Once we learned that the TDG regulations applied to us and our employees needed this training, online training was the best option. The busy and fast paced work environment that contractors like us tend to endure makes it difficult to get all of our employees together to take a traditional classroom course. Internet based training was less expensive and my employees were trained at their own pace, from work or home, 24/7."

Airstream Heating & Air Conditioning, AB

"Giving up a day to do the required WHMIS training is always a struggle. Since we have purchased bulk training courses with YOW, things have never run so smoothly. Staff can log-in on their own schedule and complete it at their convenience. YOW sends feedback/test results immediately that we copy and put in the employees personnel files. This method is much more effective because the course content is more interesting with the interactive feedback. I like that we can show due diligence in a more organized way as well. YOW Canada is very helpful and accommodating and we're happy that we can offer this high quality training to our staff."

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, ON

"Please let me tell you how pleased I was with your WHMIS course. It was all on-line. It's well organized, easy to understand and convenient, I was able to control the length of time for each segment (easy to take notes) or refresh myself by checking out previous segments. I also liked the question and answer sequences in between the teaching parts. Great graphics and reference examples."

IBM Customer Solution Centre, ON

"YOW Canada online training is the best that I have seen. The modules are very user friendly and, as such, we have incorporated the online training in our new employee orientation program."

Weir Canada, ON

"When there are multiple work sites, as we often have, and it's not always convenient for everyone to be trained at the same time, we find that YOW's online WHMIS course provides us with a fast and simple way of getting employees trained in smaller numbers or on an individual basis. The communication through e-mail is also a great tool for receiving all your course information."

Petro Drilling, NL

"-Easy to use e-learning course.
 - Meets Ontario Government standards for WHMIS.
 - Because we did not have to bring in a qualified instructor, we cut down on costs.

I would recommend this type of course to all firms in the Municipal Water Treatment Industry."

Health & Safety Officer, Mecton Sales & Engineering Ltd.

"We were in a position that required several of our employees to become certified for Transportation of Dangerous Goods in a very short time. We did some research and found out about YOW Canada's online courses. Our employees work rotating shifts seven days a week, thus it's difficult to get them into a classroom at the same time. One computer was set up in our administration building and each employee was given time to complete the training during their shift. The training was very easy to follow and comprehensive. The cost to deliver training was much lower than sending a group of employees off site."

City of Hamilton, ON

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"I liked that you could complete the course at your own pace and when you came back to the exercises, you could continue from the place where you left off."

"One of the better ways to obtain your WHMIS certification because it's flexible to your schedule!"

"Excellent! Well organized .. covers the essentials without useless info."

"It was a fantastic course to take and a great addition to my resume."

"A very good, concise, cost-effective training method. Keep it up!"

"Excellent pace. I am a very visual person and I found the graphics to be superb!"

"Very convenient, excellent format!"

"Great organization of an online course. We will be using this in the future."

"Compared to the other courses I have looked at, this one was very complete, easy to understand and follow."

"Very well laid out and easy to use."

"This course saved me. I had to have this completed for tomorrow morning to go with an application."

"Excellent training package. We're interested in the French version."

"This was one of the best online courses I've ever taken."

"Great course. Engaging, quick and easy, covers all essential information very well. Thanks for this service!"

"This is the second year of our business using YOW. It is very convenient and covers all the areas we need. Great product."