WHMIS Regulations Binder


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Update: Although this product still says "WHMIS 2015", we have made the necessary updates in accordance with the new regulations. For more detail on the WHMIS updates, visit our WHMIS Update page.

This newly updated guide to the WHMIS Regulations is a consolidation of the Acts and Regulations that make up WHMIS. It will help you better understand WHMIS and how to be in compliance.

This Guide is an excellent resource for any company whose employees work with or near controlled products, or where WHMIS applies.

In an extra-durable plastic binder!

Did you know?
It's recommended that employees who deal with hazardous materials complete WHMIS training annually.

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The WHMIS Regulations Binder includes:

  • Canada Labour Code, Part II: Occupational Health & Safety
  • Canada Occupational Health & Safety Regulations, Part X: Hazardous Substances
  • Hazardous Products Act
  • Hazardous Products Regulations
  • List of provincial & territorial regulations and governing bodies, including contact information
  • The binder is current at the time of purchase. You are responsible for keeping its content up-to-date.

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