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Although the DVD and Training Package contents still say "WHMIS 2015", we have made the necessary updates so that they are in accordance with the new regulations. For more detail on the WHMIS updates, visit our WHMIS Update page.

If online training is not an option for you, DVD training may be the answer! With this product, you can administer training in-house, one-on-one, or in groups.

Approximate training time: 1.5 hours

WHMIS DVD Training Bundle (DVD + 10 Training Packages)


Price: $399.95

This newly updated WHMIS DVD training program is an effective and interactive way to keep employees up-to-date with training requirements.

By purchasing the 10 Trainee DVD Trainee Package bundle, you save $70!

You can also create your own custom training package by selecting a combination of WHMIS DVD(s) and any number of Training Packages that are shown below.

The Bundle Includes:

  • 1 WHMIS Compliance Poster (34" x 22")
  • 1 Instructor's Guide including instructions and quiz answer key
  • 10 Training Packages, each with:
    • Employee Quiz
    • Example Labels and SDS
    • WHMIS Pocket Guide
    • WHMIS Certificate (wallet card & diploma)

WHMIS DVD Custom Bundle



Price: $199.95

This newly updated WHMIS training DVD allows you to administer training in-house, to groups or individuals. All you need is the DVD and a training package for each trainee.

Trainees follow the DVD using reference materials included in their Training Package (see below) and complete a quiz after every module. Instructors mark the quizzes and issue WHMIS training certificates upon completion.

With each DVD, you receive: a large WHMIS Poster and an Instructor's Guide which includes instructions, tips, quiz answer key and tracking sheets.

Please note: DVD orders must include at least 1 training package - which will be automatically added to your order.

The WHMIS DVD covers:

  • WHMIS Introduction
  • WHMIS Roles & Responsibilities
  • WHMIS Symbols
  • WHMIS Labels
  • SDS Forms

WHMIS DVD Training Package(s)


Price: $29.95

Each employee who requires training must have their own Training Package which includes their training certificate. Trainees follow the DVD and use the reference materials included in the Training Package.

Please note: Orders with Training Packages must include at least 1 WHMIS DVD - which will be automatically added to your online order.
If you have previously purchased the DVD and need additional training packages, just email or call us to place your order!

Each Training Package Includes:

  • WHMIS Quiz
  • Example Labels and SDS
  • WHMIS Pocket Guide
  • WHMIS Certificate (wallet card & diploma)

Quantity And Price Per Package:

  • 1-9
  • 10-49
  • 50-99
  • 100-499
  • 500+
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