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General WAH Train the Trainer Questions

What is the Working at Heights Train-the-Trainer course?

The WAH Train-the-Trainer program is designed to train individuals to become blended learning instructors for the Working at Heights in Ontario program.

This training takes place over 2 in-class sessions.

During the training course you will complete your application to the Ministry of Labour to become an accredited trainer. Your training instructor will guide you through this process.

Who should take this course?

Both new and existing trainers who want to save time and money by delivering "blended-learning" Working at Heights training.

What are the benefits of being trained through YOW Canada?

Using YOW Canada's Train the Trainer program has several benefits:

  • We are experienced with the MOL application process, and will help guide you through all five levels, including the Field Assessment
  • Enhanced learning and knowledge retention reduces on the job injuries for your Learners
  • All aspects of Part 1: Basic Theory delivery and support are taken care of by YOW:
    • Learners with questions about Part 1 topics can contact one of YOW's certified Trainers in real time using phone, chat or email
    • Technical support for the online system is managed by YOW
    • Trainers can focus on delivering Part 2: Practical Training
  • Learners and Employers often prefer blended learning so you can expect more bookings as a blended learning Training Provider. To view Blended Learning benefits click here.
  • Enabling Part 1 to be taken online and separately means that Learners will be fresh and focused for Part 2 delivery, which will not be the case with full day classroom delivery
  • Trainers can deliver their WAH Part 2: Practical Training in 4 hours:
    • Trainers can deliver classes in the morning, afternoon or evening if it better meets their clients' schedules
    • Trainers have more time for other work, or for more classes
  • YOW Canada's administration dashboard will allow you to easily manage your trainees' progress, view certificates and automatically sends trainees their training notifications. To view the Administration FAQs click here.
  • YOW's systems are easy to use and significantly reduce administrative time:
    • Learners must only enter their information once during Part 1, after which YOW's system automatically populates most of the documentation that must be sent to the MOL. This eliminates repetitive data entry during and after Part 2 delivery
    • Learner Part 1 progress and results are easy to monitor before Part 2 delivery
    • Trainers manage their classes using a Learner Schedule Management tool that streamlines administrative processes and documentation management
  • Trainers can also supplement their own scheduled training courses using "YOW Connections":
    • We will pay you $400 to teach the Part 2 classroom set up by YOW Canada.
    • YOW Canada takes care of the marketing, scheduling and management, all you need to do is show up to teach the classroom session.
    • For more information on "Connections Training" click here

I am already a certified WAH Training Provider using the "full day classroom" approach - can I also be a "blended learning" Training Provider?

The MOL allows Training Providers to deliver WAH training for each application that they have submitted and that has been approved by the Chief Prevention Officer. That means that you can be both a "blended learning" Training Provider and a "full day classroom" Training Provider at the same time. Why not offer your clients both and let them decide which method best suits them?

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What are all the costs associated with becoming/being a blended learning Training Provider with YOW's material?

  • The 2 day Train-the-Trainer course costs $995.00
  • Each Learner that you teach using YOW's blended learning course will cost $59.95, which includes:
    • YOW delivering and supporting all aspects of Part 1: Basic Theory
    • A Participant Manual
    • Access to YOW's Course Administration and WAH Dashboard for easy trainee management
  • There is also a shipping and handling charge for delivering the Participant Manuals to you
  • As an independent trainer, depending on your situation, you may have additional costs which would include things like operating expenses, equipment and liability insurance - these costs may vary

What is the cancellation policy for the Train-the-Trainer course?

Refund Policy

WAH Train-the-Trainer course refunds requested within 30 days of the purchase date and at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled classroom training will be honoured in full.

Late or No Show Trainees

Trainees who do not attend the full 2 days of scheduled Train-the-Trainer course, or who are more than 30 minutes late to either day, will not be eligible for any refund.

Rescheduling Policy

Rescheduling of Train-the-Trainer classes will be honoured for requests made at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled classroom course. Rescheduling is limited to the available dates, times and locations offered by YOW Canada.

Cancellation by YOW Canada

YOW Canada reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a Train-the-Trainer course in the event of low enrollment or due to circumstances beyond our control. Trainees will be notified accordingly with a minimum of 2 days notice.

What is the Training Provider Application process?

The Training Provider Application is a five step process that is best described by the following MOL document:

Using YOW's Train-the-Trainer course you will move directly to Step 3: The Field Assessment.

Will I pass the Ministry of Labour's Desk Assessment using YOW's Train-the-Trainer course?

Yes. YOW Canada spent a number of months working with the MOL to get this course approved so you will not have any problems moving past the Desk Assessment. After submitting your Training Provider Application, the first time you hear from the MOL will be to schedule the Field Assessment. If the MOL contacts you with questions during the Desk Assessment, YOW will work with the MOL to get them resolved.

Will I pass the Ministry of Labour's Field Assessment?

The MOL takes a lot of time and care during the Field Assessment to ensure Trainers are able to effectively deliver the WAH course. Trainers must ensure they are properly prepared for the assessment. We help you prepare by giving you Field Assessment tips and guidelines based on our own experience, discussions with the MOL, and having helped multiple trainers through this process. Our goal is to help you get through the application process and to be a good Trainer which is why we assign you an Assessment Coach that is available to provide you the support you need.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a WAH Training Provider?

The Training Provider prerequisites are best described on the following MOL documents:

Trainers will also be required to successfully complete Part 1: Basic Theory of YOW's WAH Blended Learning course. Trainers choosing to be Connections Trainers must also complete YOW's Workplace Violence and Harassment course before they can deliver training to Connections Learners. We believe Trainers must understand these topics to be an effective Trainer and to create a safe environment for Learners. These courses will be made available to eligible Trainers at no charge.

How long will it take before I can deliver WAH training?

This will depend on a number of factors including who your assessor is; how many applications are before yours in the queue, how your Field Assessment goes, etc. On average you can expect it to take approximately 12 weeks from the time of submitting your application until you are able to deliver WAH training.

If I have questions before or after the MOL assessments who will help me?

Your Train-the-Trainer instructor will also be your Assessment Coach - they will be available to support you at any time before or after the course.

What are all the costs associated with becoming/being a blended learning Training Provider with YOW's material?

  • The 2 day Train-the-Trainer course costs $999.95
  • Each Learner that you teach using YOW's blended learning course will cost $59.95, which includes:
    • YOW delivering and supporting all aspects of Part 1: Basic Theory
    • A Participant Manual
    • Access to YOW's Course Administration and WAH Dashboard for easy trainee management
    Volume discounts apply to all orders over 10
  • There is also a shipping and handling charge for delivering the Participant Manuals to you
  • As an independent trainer, depending on your situation, you may have additional costs which would include items like:
    • Operating expenses (computer, internet, printing, training room/venue, etc.)
    • Training equipment (see MOL listing of required equipment at:
    • General Liability / Errors and Omissions insurance
    These costs will vary depending on your existing resources and prices you obtain from suppliers.

WAH Management Dashboard

How do I sign Trainees up for WAH blended training?

  1. Create Part 2 classroom dates: Log into your YOW Administration page and go to the WAH Trainer Dashboard. Click 'Add Date' and fill in the information for the Part 2 date.
    • The Date
    • The Time
    • Capacity (each Part 2 classroom date can have a maximum of 12 students)
    • Note: You will be required to find and book a venue for your Part 2 classroom date and notify your trainees of the location/address.
  2. Purchase: first purchase a WAH training course for each trainee you want to train. As a Trained trainer you receive a discounted price: $59.95 per WAH course.
  3. Activate: The purchased WAH courses will be under your Administration account. Log into your Administration site and click 'Activate WAH course' You will then need to fill in the trainee information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address
    • Select a Part 2 classroom date from a list of dates that you have added.
  4. Notify the trainee: Once the trainee has been activated they will automatically receive a Part 1 training notification which contains their Part 1 login username. They can follow the link which will take them to YOW Canada's Course Login page. The trainee will also receive a Part 2 notification email which contains the Date and time of the Part 2 classroom training which they were assigned. It will be up to the instructor to provide the trainee with the location of the Part 2 training.

Once Trainees are assigned to a Date then what?

From the WAH Trainer Dashboard click on a Part 2 classroom date to view the 'Classroom Details'. From here you can fill in the Instructor/Evaluator names, view the trainees assigned to that classroom date, assign final classroom score to the trainees and view the required MOL documents. Clicking on the document link will open it in a new window and the required information is filled in automatically.

Before the Part 2 class you should print the 'Classroom sign-in sheet' and the 'Notice of Disclosure' documents. The 'Classroom Sign-in sheet' will have each trainee who completed Part 1 online and each trainee who completed Part 1 will have a 'Notice of Disclosure' form page. Before beginning the Part 2 class have each trainee sign the 'Sign-in Sheet' and verify the information and sign the Notice of Disclosure' sheet.

After you complete the Part 2 training you will assess each trainee and assign them a score. Fill in each trainee's score on the 'Classroom Details' page and click submit. Once all trainees have their assigned score open the 'MOL approved training list' document and print it off. Finally open the 'MOL approved training list electronic document' and save it to a USB stick. All of the printed documents and the USB stick with the electronic document will need to then be sent to the MOL:

Ministry of Labour Health & Safety Contact Centre: 1-877-202-0008 (toll free)

Mailing Address:
Health and Safety Program Administration and Certification Unit
12th floor, 400 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M7A 1T7.

I need to cancel one of the Part 2 dates that I have scheduled to instruct, what do I do?

If you are unable to teach one of your scheduled Part 2 classrooms it is up to you to notify your trainees and to re-schedule Part 2 training dates for them.

You can delete the Scheduled date by going to the WAH Training Dashboard and view the 'Classroom Details' page for the specific date and then click 'delete date'.

You can then reassign the trainees to a new date. Once the Part 2 date has been deleted the previously assigned trainees will show on the 'Trainee List' page under 'Trainees with No Date' section. Clicking on a trainee's name will allow you to assign that trainee to a different date.

"Connections" Training

What is "Connections"?

YOW Connections Classes are Part 2 classroom dates set up by YOW Canada but taught by an independent trainer. Trainers will receive $400 per Connections class that they teach. YOW manages the marketing, registration and payment of Learners, booking the training venue, Part 1 online training delivery, answering questions, etc.

Trainers that have taken YOW's Train-the-Trainer course, have received CPO approval and have chosen to be Connections Trainers will see the list of available Connections classrooms in their "WAH Trainer Dashboard". If Trainers find a WAH course at a location, date and time they are available, they can contact YOW to assume responsibility for the Part 2 classroom training. YOW will book the trainer and send the materials needed to deliver the classroom training. The Connections course will display on the Trainer's Dashboard so it's easy to remember.

After delivering the classroom training and submitting the MOL paperwork, the Trainer invoices YOW for $400 and is paid within 30 days.

Questions About YOW Canada

What does the "YOW" in YOW Canada stand for?

YOW Canada's offices are located in Ottawa, Ontario and Y-O-W are the international call letters for the Ottawa Airport. Plus, we think it's a catchy name that's easy to remember.

For more information about our company please visit the Contact Us page.

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WAH TtT Refund Policy

Provincial Regulation Contacts

Course Outline:

Day 1
  • Attend a WAH learner training class delivered by an experienced YOW instructor to observe how the course should be delivered and to prepare you for Day 2 of training. Instructors can attend any class in your area before the scheduled Day 2 training date.
  • For the full WAH In-Class outline click here.
Day 2
  • Blended Learning Overview
  • Resources for Trainers, and how to use them:
    • Participant Manual (PM)
    • Instructor Manual (IM)
    • The benefits of WAH blended learning and how to market to your Clients
    • Preloaded USB drive for Training Provider Application
    • WAH Independent Delivery/Connections Delivery Processes
    • Procedures for Trainers on how to use YOW Systems
    • Contact Information
  • Part 1: Basic Theory delivery, including Trainer responsibilities for Part 1
  • Part 2: Practical Training delivery, including
    • Part 2 Preparation (i.e. what must Trainers do before the Part 2)
    • Required Equipment and Learner Material for Learning Outcomes
    • The best instructional methods to help Learners understand a topic and retain the knowledge
    • Tips and Guidelines for improving Part 2 delivery
    • Learner Evaluation and Certification process
  • Training Provider Application process, including
    • What is the Training Provider Application Process
    • What must Trainers do before they can submit their applications
  • Field Assessment Tips and Guidelines
  • WAH Delivery Options (Independent Delivery and/or and YOW Connections)
  • Technical Training/demonstrations on using YOW systems for managing Learner Administration and Documentation (Procedures will be provided!)
  • Answer Questions on Course Delivery, Content, Systems, Processes?
  • Completing and Submitting Training Provider Applications
  • Discuss the Next Steps for Trainers