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When you become a client with YOW Canada, you receive access to your own Training Administration site. Each Training Administrator has a unique username and password to securely login to his/her site.

Your Training Administration site allows you to monitor your trainees from any computer with an internet connection, 24/7.

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How to use your Training Administration Site

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How to Manage Trainees:

How do I register more trainees?

First you will need to purchase the training courses that you require. View our Product Menu Here.

Once courses have been purchased they will be added to your pool of available courses:

Click on 'Activate Now' next to the course you want to assign:

This will open the window: Register Student

Fill in the trainee's first name, last name and optionally an email address.

Some courses (ie: TDG, OHSA) allow you to select which course type you want the trainee to take, such as TDG for Drivers, or TDG for Shippers/Receivers. If applicable select the course type from the dropdown:

Click the 'Register' button. A unique username will be create for the training account and will be sent by email to the trainee as well as the Training Administrator.

Click 'Continue' to return to the Training Administration site.

How do I change a trainee's name or email address?

If the trainee has not logged in, their name should be a blue link:

Click their name to open the "Edit Trainee Details Window" :

You can now change the trainee's name, email address and their course type (if applicable to the course. Ie: Change from TDG for Drivers to TDG for All Workers)

Click the 'Update' button to commit the changes. The updated training username will be sent in a Training Notification email that is sent to the trainee and to the Training Administrator.

How do I resend a trainee's username?

Next to each trainee is a link: 'View Tracking'

Clicking this link will open the window: Trainee Information

In this window you can see the trainee's username, their quiz scores and if they are Registered or In-Progress you can resent their training notification:

Fill in the email address that you want the Training Notification to be sent to and click 'Send Notification'

How can I view or resend a trainee's certificates?

Next to each trainee is a link: 'View Tracking'

Clicking this link will open the window: Trainee Information

In this window you can see the trainee's username, their quiz scores, and if they are certified links to view their certificates or to email their certificates.

Click on 'View Wallet' to view the wallet certificates or 'View Wall' to view the wall sized certificate.

To resend the Certificates in an email click 'Email Certificate' and then on the next screen fill in the email address that you want to send the certificates to. Click the 'Email Certificate' button to send the email.

How can I set a trainee's group?

Next to the Sort trainees and change group buttons you will find an link: Edit Groups

When you click the link, it will send you to a new window such as this:

In this page, you have the option to add new group names to sort your trainees by. Enter the name you wish to assign to a group, we used "Ottawa" as an example. Click the button Add when finished.

Now that you have your new group, it is time to sort your trainees. On the main page, select all of the trainees you wish to associate with the new group.

Next, under your trainee list, you will find a Add Selected to Group drop down list. Find the group named wanted, then press the button: Change Group

Now the selected trainees belong to the selected groups.

Note: A trainee may only belong to one group at a time, but this goup can be change at any time.

How do I filter/sort my trainee list?

There are a couple of different methods to filtering and sorting your list of trainees, by group, status, course or by last name and registration date. When sorted by groups, only the trainees associated with the group will display. When sorting by Status, you will have the option of sorting by "All", "Registered", "In-Progress" and "Certified". For the demonstration we will sort our list by Group "Ottawa" and filter them by last name.

To start with, click the drop down you wish to sort by. If you wish to filter, click the Order By drop down and filter by your choice.

When finished, click the button: Sort

The page will update and your list of trainees will be sorted.

Technical Support

How do I send out training notifications to all my trainees?

To send out a notification to all of your trainees, simply click the link Send Notifications

A new window will pop-up asking if you want so send a email to Trainees that are 'Registered', Trainees that are 'In-Progress' and if you want to Send a CC (Carbon Copy Email) notification to yourself . Click the button Send Email Notifications when you are finished.

You will now be prompted with a new pop-up notifying you of the emails sent and either if they were successful or unsuccessful

How do I re-register a trainee?

To re-register a trainee, find their name in the "Expired or due for retraining" section at the bottom of your screen. You will need to click the check-box next to the names of the people you wish to re-register then press the button Submit . Make sure that the "Re-Register Selected Trainees" drop down is set to "Re-Register"

A trainee is no longer with the company, how can I remove them from my list?

To remove a trainee find their name in the "Expired or due for retraining" section at the bottom of your screen and click the link Delete.

You will be unable to remove anyone who's certificate is not expired. If you wish to remove someone who's certificate is not expired, please contact YOW Canada for more assistance.

Can I download a list of all my trainees and their certification/expiration dates?

Yes! Click the 'Report' button to the right of the filter/sort options (just above the list of active trainees)

A window will open that allows you to select which types of trainees to include in the report. (Certified, Registered, In-Progress, Expired).

Click the button: 'Create Report'

Once the report is completed you can download it or open it directly. This report is a CSV (comma delimeted) file and will usually be opened by Microsoft Excel.

You can then sort the records, or filter data as needed. You can even have your IT department upload the report to your employee management system.

How do I view my training administration password or the usernames of all my trainee?

Simple, click the 'Admin Password/Tranees Username List' buttons acordningly and a new window listing the login information will appear.

You will be able to view your own password, that of your trainees and the ability to email the information.

How do I view my previous Orders?

To view your previous orders, click the link View Orders in the administration toolbar, it will appear between "Course Admin" and "Send Notification".

Questions About YOW Canada

What does the "YOW" in YOW Canada stand for?

YOW Canada's offices are located in Ottawa, Ontario and Y-O-W are the international call letters for the Ottawa Airport. Plus, we think it's a catchy name that's easy to remember.

For more information about our company please visit the Contact Us page.


  • View Current Trainee Information:
    • Trainee's status (certified, in-progress, etc.)
    • Trainee's certification date
    • View and Print Trainee's certificates
    • Quiz question answers
    • Trainee's expiration or retraining date
  • Register new trainees instantly
  • View or email your password list

Advanced Features:

  • Assign trainees to groups based on job function, location etc.
  • Send notification emails & reminders to multiple trainees
  • Instantly re-register expired trainees.
  • Download a training report for all active trainees.
  • View past orders

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