TDG Recent Amendments
For Your Information

Amendments to the TDG regulations were made in July 2014 and January 2015. YOW Canada is providing information sessions on each of these amendments to ensure all trainees are up-to-date on the regulation changes.

Is my trainee up to date?

Last Training DateAction Required
Three (3) or more years agoFull Retraining Required
Less than 3 years, before Nov 1st, 2014TDG 2014 FYI and TDG 2015 PDF
Between Nov 1st and Feb 25th, 2015TDG 2015 PDF
After Feb 25th, 2015The trainee is completely up-to-date!

July 2014 Amendments

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January 2015 Amendments

January 2015 PDF English | January 2015 PDF French

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